Adoption planning is a decision that is an emotional and thoughtful process.  It is a life-long decision that can be challenging to navigate through.  In addition, deciding to adopt a child can have its own set of challenges.  For all involved in this process, there are various emotions experienced and it is the decision for adoption planning as well as how to deal with the emotional demands that is the focus.  At Northeast Florida Counseling and Adoption Support, we offer comprehensive supportive services, which includes decision making counseling, pre- and post- adoption counseling, birth parent support, adoptive parent support, adoption home studies, and infertility counseling.  These services are confidential and provided by a Florida board certified licensed counselor.

What you can expect:

  • Care, Compassion, and Respect
  • Gaining support through your decision making process
  • Real therapuetically sound strategies for dealing with your emotional response
  • Post adoption support
  • Grief support
  • Family support to all involved

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